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Why I chose to Start my Article Writing Service

My name is Andrew Griffiths and I started to provide high quality, interesting articles on a subject I love, History. As search engines improve in their quest to put the best articles to the top of their lists, it is my mission to help website owners keep up by providing the very best website content around.

My Education

In 2007 I achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Wales, Newport which taught me, amongst other things, how to research effectively, to work well under pressure, to adhere to strict deadlines and to produce high quality, informative and interesting work. During this time, writing articles about history became like second nature and since graduating I have continued to do so as a career through online freelance writing.

Experience in Writing Interesting Articles About History

I began writing online in 2008 and since then have written literally thousands of articles about history and many other subjects. I have experience in a wide range of styles and can write formally or informally and in any type of narrative. I have vast experience in writing content for various forms of publication, and specialise in writing high quality web content.

Skill Set

  •     SEO Marketing
  •     Can write on any aspect of history
  •     Very high quality work
  •     Excellent research skills
  •     100% Unique
  •     Works well with deadlines
  •     Speaks English as a first language
  •     Excellent spelling and grammar skills

The Aim of Articles on History

Articles on History is the best place to find the most interesting articles on the web on the subject of history. My aim is to provide website content that will boost your visitors and increase the average time they spend on your site. As all the articles about history I provide are of the very best quality, they are also ideal for creating great backlinks, the key to any SEO marketing campaign.

Why My Article Writing Service is Unique

My article writing service is unique as I specialize on the subject of history while maintaining a common theme for your website or blog. Though all are articles about history, they can be industry specific, from a particular time period or on any individual or group of your choosing with themes and issues raised that suit the rest of the content on your website. All articles are geared towards helping with your SEO marketing so included as standard are;

  •     Use of at least five quality reference sources
  •     Full bibliography provided
  •     Only academic and reputable sources used
  •     100% uniqueness guaranteed
  •     Subheadings, bullet points and numbers used where appropriate for ease of reading
  •     Up to five keywords/phrases that appear naturally throughout the article.
  •     Show academic/professional debate when appropriate
  •     Quotes from relevant experts included when appropriate
  •     Correct spelling and grammar throughout

(Figures above are based on a 1000 word article)

Why Choose Articles About History for Your Site?

I believe that having articles about history on your website or blog will give almost any site the edge over their competitors. It will not only be of interest to many visitors therefore increase the time they stay on the site, but it also strengthens the visitor’s conviction that the webmaster is an expert on his or her subject.

Please contact me if you require any other information or would like to discuss what aspects of history would be most valuable to your visitors.

Why Choose My Article Writing Service?

The articles about history displayed on this page are examples of the type of high quality website content I produce. The word counts per article can vary from 500 – 5000 words depending on the subject matter, (which can be on any aspect of history), the nature of the site and the individual needs of the customer.

My article writing service provides informative and interesting articles on history that are an ideal addition to any SEO marketing campaign as they provide specialist information on a given industry or subject matter. By providing your visitors with high quality articles about history to read, you will ensure that many stay on your site for longer, thus making them better quality leads and more likely to convert to sales.

What’s more, the website content I provide will act as ‘link/sharebate’, which means other website owners will likely quote from your page and share it with others, providing you with plenty of backlinks which is a fundamental part of any SEO marketing campaign. My article writing service is also geared towards helping you achieve success with the keywords that are relevant to your site, making those searching appropriate terms much more likely to find you.

Website Content Samples

To get a good idea about what to expect from my article writing service, read through the samples provided below. If you find them to be interesting articles about history then your own visitors probably will too, so contact me to discuss what web content would best suit you and your site.

Sample One - How Attitudes to Women’s Rights Caused Queen Boudicca to Revolt

Sample one is an example of a biography that charts the life of, or an important phase in the life of a famous figure from history, in this case an ancient British female warrior known as Queen Boudicca. To make it an even more informative and interesting article a theme is also added. In this case the theme is women’s rights in ancient times, making it ideal website content for a number of types of sites including those that deal with issues such as;

  •     Women’s history
  •     Women’s rights
  •     Feminism
  •     Sociology
  •     Culture
  •     War

Read sample article one: Women’s Rights & Queen Boudicca

Sample Two - High Heel Shoes as a Symbol of Class, Gender and Sexuality

Sample two is an example of an article on history that discusses a subject, idea or material object and its role in society down the ages. In this case, it is a material object, namely high heel shoes and covers the themes of their impact on class, gender and sexuality within society from ancient Egypt right up to the modern day. Some examples of the types of site that can benefit from great content about these themes include those that are geared towards subject like;

  • Women’s history
  • Women’s rights
  • Feminism
  • Sociology
  • Fashion
  • Culture

Read sample article two: High Heel Shoes

Sample Three - Medieval Medicine and Healing Practices in Europe

Moving away from women’s history, sample three is an example of an article on history that deals with a particular time frame, in this case the Middle Ages. It discusses the healing practices of the period and how medieval medicine and the history of surgery developed. An article like this would be an ideal addition to the SEO marketing campaign of sites that focus on content concerning issues such as;

  •     Herbal medicine
  •     Surgery
  •     The butcher industry
  •     Medical centres
  •     General health

Read sample article three: Medieval Medicine

To view more of my work, please visit my other site, the History of Fighting or if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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