A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew Griffiths and I started Articles on History back in 2012 to help bloggers and webmasters improve their sites. To do this, I provide high-quality, SEO-friendly articles on a subject I love, history. As search engines develop and get better and better at finding content geared towards improving user experience, it’s my mission to help website owners keep up. To do this, I provided content that’s interesting, informative, and engaging to a reader, as well as being designed to help improve your overall search results. I also guarantee that all work will be written by an actual human being, as AI articles tend not to be search-friendly. 

My Education 

In 2007 I achieved a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Wales, Newport. This taught me, amongst other things, how to research effectively, how to work well under pressure, how to adhere to strict deadlines and gave me the ability to produce work of the highest standard. In 2022 I gained a diploma in digital marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute. This helped me improve my overall grasp on working online and concerning freelance writing, added to my knowledge of SEO and website optimization. 

Writing Skill Set 

  • SEO  
  • Can write on any aspect of history 
  • Very high-quality work 
  • Excellent research skills 
  • 100% unique 
  • Works well with deadlines 
  • Speaks English as a first language 
  • Excellent spelling and grammar skills 

Freelance Writing Experience 

I began writing online in 2008 and since then have written thousands of articles, on history and many other subjects. I have experience in a wide range of styles and can write formally or informally and in any type of narrative. I have experience in writing for various types of publications and specialise in writing high-quality web content. As well as starting Articles on History in 2012, I also combined the subject of History with my other passion, martial arts, and began my own website, the History of Fighting.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss getting history articles for your site, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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