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To better understand how I can help you improve your website, I have provided several writing samples with short explanations attached. I can turn my hand to writing history articles for almost any niche and remember, if you find the samples below compelling, informative, or interesting, your readers will too.

A Brief History of Association Football

This is an example of a short blog post that is designed to provide your readers with a concise piece of information and your website with some extra SEO. In this case, it is a brief look at how the game of football (soccer) first became organised and how the rules became regulated throughout Great Britain.  

How Attitudes to Women’s Rights Caused Queen Boudicca to Revolt

This sample is an example of a biography that charts the life of, or an important phase in the life of, a famous figure from history. In this case, the person discussed is an ancient British female warrior known as Queen Boudicca. To make it even more informative and engaging, the theme of women's rights has also been added. 

Josephine Baker - Entertainer, War Hero and Civil Rights Activist

This article is another example of the life story of an influential historical figure. In this case, it is Josephine Baker, who was a well-loved entertainer, a war hero and a prominent figure in the American civil rights movement. 

High Heel Shoes as a Symbol of Class, Gender and Sexuality

This sample is an example of a history article that discusses a subject, idea or material object and its role in society down the ages. In this case, it is a material object, namely high heel shoes, and covers the themes of their impact on class, gender and sexuality within society from ancient Egypt right up to the modern day. 

Medieval Medicine and Healing Practices in Europe

This sample is an example of an article that deals with an aspect from a particular historical period, in this case the Middle Ages. It discusses the healing practices of the period and how medieval medicine and the history of surgery developed. 

Tai Chi Chuan in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery in China

This article looks at a specific aspect of life and its role in a given time and place. In this case, it looks at how the martial art/exercise system tai chi chuan can help with recovery from serious drug or alcohol addiction.

The War Elephant Through History

This article is an example of how a particular subject matter has affected an aspect of history. In this sample, the topic is the elephant and how it was used in warfare from ancient times right up to the twentieth century.

Read article: The War Elephant Through History

Please Note: Pictures are NOT included with the articles I provide and are shown on the samples for demonstrational purposes only. 

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